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  • Lukas Mathis on Skype 5 for Mac

    [A downgrade in every sense:][link] >Unfortunately, instead of making the Windows version of Skype better, they’ve decided to fix the discrepancy by making the Mac version of Skype more like the Windows version. Always, always, a bad idea. [link]: http://ignorethecode.net/blog/2011/03/30/skype_5/ “ignore the code: Skype 5 for Mac”

  • Pure CSS Progress Bar

    [This is very pretty, but requires a WebKit-based browser (Chrome, Safari).][link] [link]: http://ivan.ly/ui/ “CSS Progress Bar”

  • The Details Are Everything

    A new tumblr created by Me, available from now: [The Details Are Everything][link], sifting the user interfaces and experiences I come into contact with in daily life. It is A) An excuse to write more about semi-work-involved things and B) something I’ve been threatening to do for long enough that I needed to either start…

  • Cadence & Slang is a book about interaction design.

    Written by [Nick Disabato (nickd)][nick], [soon to be self-published][link]: >I’m writing a book called Cadence & Slang, due in late 2010. It’s about interaction design, which is the art and craft of making technology easier to use. There have been many products in the past decade that take generous advantage of good design – the…

  • Usability Question du Jour

    Say I’m building a website that deals with data from other websites (social and professional networks, etc), and I want users to be able to enter in their existing profile info into of the application. I can’t just ask for their current username (e.g. `http://facebook.com/`), because some of these websites do not have very friendly…