Warner Bros: Pirates Show Us What Consumers Want

[Hey guess what, Warner Bros?][link] Pirates show you what consumers want because *they are consumers*. They just don’t consume in the way you want them to.

The most interesting thing about this article is that WB admits to selectively enforcing copyright based on how beneficial it is to them from an analytics standpoint. Which means they’re admitting, in public, that piracy can be beneficial.

[link]: “Warner Bros: Pirates Show Us What Consumers Want | TorrentFreak”


Warner Bros. Sued for Pirating Anti-Piracy Technology

[From the Do-As-I-Say Department][link]:

>Warner Bros. has been sued by a German technology firm which claims the movie and television production company pirated its anti-piracy technology.

I can only assume that anyone at Warner Bros HQ will be no longer allowed to connect to the internet for any purpose, right? That’s what they want to do to alleged pirates, so it’s only fair.

[link]: “The Escapist : News : Warner Bros. Sued for Pirating Anti-Piracy Technology”


Warner Bros. Creates DC ENTERTAINMENT

[DC is now it’s own company, again, but still owned by Warner][link]. I wonder if this is a response to the Disney/Marvel deal or if it was in motion before that went down?

**Update**: [Warren Ellis says][warren], no, in fact, neither company knew what the other was doing.

[link]: “Vertigo: Graphic Content » Blog Archive » WARNER BROS. CREATES DC ENTERTAINMENT”
[warren]: “Twitter post”