Kill sticky headers

Like most web trends intended to increase “engagement” (nobody knows what this actually means), sticky bars are overused and poorly used. [Kill ’em all with this bookmarklet.][link]

[link]: “Kill sticky headers”


Jeffrey Zeldman on his Web Design Manifesto 2012

[A follow-up interview with .net Magazine:][link]

>If we don’t focus on the content the reader came for – if we continue to bombard and bamboozle our users with cluttered interfaces that satisfy stakeholder committees but frustrate the people who actually want to use our sites – our users will retaliate by removing our designs altogether. It’s the web.


[link]: “Jeffrey Zeldman on his Web Design Manifesto 2012 | Interview | .net magazine”
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Jeffrey Zeldman’s Web Design Manifesto 2012

[In a post full of quote worthy paragraphs][link], he makes the case for bigger type, layouts that don’t train users to ignore ads, and what it used to mean to have a “personal site.”

I like it. It’s very Zeldman, but more than that, it’s *interesting*.

[link]: “Web Design Manifesto 2012 – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report”


A Safari Template For Use In Mockups

Since I find myself sometimes needing one, I decided to create a fresh, clean, screenshot of a Safari window at 1024×768, with an optional layer showing a 960-wide box, centered. I’ve removed any extras or plugins from the window.

*Update:* Extranaut [Alistair Morton][al] upgraded my version by making all of the text editable in Photoshop. The version for download has been updated accordingly. Thanks, Al!

[al]: “Alistair Morton”

[Here’s the PSD (74kb, zipped)][zip].

[zip]:× “1024×768 PSD”