The Library of Congress is Adding Webcomics

“Dinosaur Comics!” “Hyperbole and a Half” and “xkcd” are among the initial class of now-nationally-archived webcomics I grew up reading.

[The Washington Post][link]:

>The library will announce Tuesday that the Webcomics Web Archive is officially launching at as part of its growth in “born-digital” collections.
>The first phase of the webcomics online collection will include nearly 40 titles, including such long-running works as Josh Lesnick’s “Girly” and Zach Weiner’s “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.”

I’m so happy for all of these folks.

[link]: “Webcomic fans, rejoice: Library of Congress is launching a new archive for you – The Washington Post”


I Want To Be Your Horrible Boyfriend

[John Campbell][link] of the webcomic [Pictures for Sad Children][pfsc] has [a tumblr][tumb] now.

[link]: “boo hoo boo • asked a girl to “go steady” in this way, she did…”
[tumb]: “boo hoo boo”
[pfsc]: “Pictures for sad children”


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2009

[… is going on right now][link], and you should go if at all possible. [Jeffrey Rowland][rowland] is here! [R Stevens][rstevens] is here! [Kate Beaton][kate] and [Ryan North][ryan] are here, but they almost never leave.

[link]: “The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2009”
[rowland]: “Overcompensating”
[rstevens]: “Diesel Sweeties”
[kate]: “History Comics”
[ryan]: “Dinosaur Comics”