Where To Find Phil Nelson Online, December 2020 Edition

I cannot believe it is actually December 2020. The 6th, even. Time flies. Fruit flies. Something something. Here are all of the places I’m actively hanging out and doing stuff online these days in one handy place.

  • My Patreon, where you can support me directly each month and get exclusive content and early access to stuff
  • My newsletter on Substack is where you can subscribe for free (or $5/mo) and support me while getting a little more personal view on things than I post elsewhere, sent out every Thursday.
  • My Twitch where I sometimes stream video games, sometimes in VR, and we do RetroStrange Movie Night on every other Saturday night
  • Discord: I’m philnelson#1094
  • My Thingiverse account, where I post my 3D printable models
  • Extra Future, this place here, my blog since 2008 or so, where I announce and release things
  • My Itch account, where all of my (pay if you can / free) video games are hosted including the recently-released Chipping Challenge plus old experiments like Duck Jumper, Rassler, and Haunted Floating Eye
  • I am @philnelson on Twitter
  • My YouTube where I upload the intros to every Movie Night and some additional content
  • My LinkedIn which I don’t really use, but when I do, I mostly boost cool VR/AR stuff.

Ongoing Projects I Run


Places to Find Phil Nelson On the Internet, March 2011

For those of you who have come in late:

My name is [Phil Nelson][phil]. I make websites and am from Michigan, the land of the shrinking population. At this point in my life I have been making websites professionally for about 10 years. I have made a lot of fun toys on the internet like [Liblr][liblr] (Mad Libs for Twitter), [Kreskin][kreskin] (a band / album generator), and [Kove][kove] (a community-edited choose your own adventure novel). I write a much-liked URL shortener for WordPress called [la petite url][la] and have released an app for Mac OS X called [PNGPress][png] which compresses PNG images in the name of faster page loads.

[la]: “La Petite URL”
[png]: “PNGPress”

I have a [Twitter account][twitter], am on [Facebook][fb], keep [my][last] updated pretty regularly, and produce a [live internet art show called Sweatshop][sweat] every other week. I still, for some reason, maintain a [LinkedIn][linkedin] profile. My [Flickr account][flickr] has stagnated pretty badly.

You can email me bye way of comments @ the domain you’re reading this on.

[phil]: “Phil Nelson”
[liblr]: “Liblr”
[kreskin]: “Kreskin”
[kove]: “Kove”
[twitter]: “Phil Nelson on Twitter”
[fb]: “Phil Nelson Facebook”
[last]: “”
[sweat]: “Sweatshop”
[linkedin]: “LinkedIn”
[flickr]: “Phil Nelson on Flickr”