Fighting The Wrong Fight

[Excellent piece by Elia Freedman][link]:

>We have been distracted by ridiculous arguments and fabricated “wars” for too long. We have been distracted by thinking that Google is Microsoft and Apple is Apple in a doomed fight already fought 20 years ago.
>But that is not the fight we should be caring about at all. The fight we should be talking about, but aren’t, is the fight between mobile device makers and the carriers. This is the only real fight that matters.

[link]: “Fighting The Wrong Fight « Elia Insider”


Price of The One True Google Phone?

[According to this][link]: “$199 unlocked in stores. $100 rebate online if you have an active and old Google account.”

Sounds like the gloves are off.

[link]: “Reuters: Nexus One Available Directly Through Google Website January 5 | AndroidGuys”


AT&T’s Morale Problem

[I’m sure the sentiment is more widespread than this one rep][link].

*Update*: [AT&T says it’s a hoax][hoax], and they’re probably right. Consumerist gets it, though: it doesn’t matter if it’s “true” or not. It felt true, and that speaks volumes about AT&T’s business and culture.

[link]: “Transcripts: A&T Rep Wants To Die”
[hoax]: “Consumerist: AT&T Says Their Rep Doesn’t Want To Die”


WIND, Canada’s New Wireless Carrier

[Sadly, it does not say when they launch][link]. Their [mission statement][mission] gives me a slight bit of hope:

>Simply put, we want to create the most unforgettably positive customer experience in Canada.

… which has the added benefit of being the opposite of what the major two Wireless carriers in Canada, [Bell][bell] and [Rogers][rogers], provide. Without some solid numbers, though, it’s vapor.

[link]: “WIND | We’re Bringing Change to the Canadian Wireless Industry”
[rogers]: “Rogers Wireless”
[bell]: “Bell Canada”
[mission]: “Learn about WIND”