Just in case you’re using Mailgun with Mediawiki…

The docs don’t cover this, but [the steps in this post][link] got it working for me:

1. Install composer `apt-get install composer`
2. Run `composer update` from the `extensions/Mailgun` folder
3. Run `php maintainence/rebuildLocalizationCache.php` from the main mediawiki folder.

Running your own services get you into all sorts of fun trouble like this.

[link]: “Mailgun extension producing PHP Fatal Error about dependency Guzzle6”


The Pro Wrestling Wiki

I’m back in the wiki game, this time it’s [The Pro Wrestling Wiki][link]. We’re going to become the one-stop shop for independent pro wrestling events, wrestlers, and history, without an agenda toward becoming advertising partners with some megacorp. Right now that means it’s me entering stuff in by hand and spinning up discrete linode servers.


[link]: “The Pro Wrestling Wiki”