Day: June 1, 2009

  • IGN/GameSpy Shutting Down Classicgaming Fan Sites

    [Woof, this is a big deal][link]. There is a lot of culture and history in these sites. [link]: “GameSetWatch – IGN/GameSpy Shutting Down Classicgaming Fan Sites”

  • Why Palm’s WebOS ‘Media Sync’ iTunes Integration Can’t Be Legit

    [John Gruber on the new Pre’s integration with iTunes][link]. He’s, as usual, pretty right. The real crime here, though, is that Apple doesn’t provide a good way for third party devices to do this *without* this kind of chicanery. There’s another thing here, too: maybe Palm is using their position to force Apple’s hand? Obviously,…

  • Tales of Monkey Island

    *Update*: They’re also [remaking the original Monkey Island][rock], with the help of Lucasarts. [rock]: “LeChuck Me: Monkey Island Returns” [Telltale is making new, episodic, Monkey Island games][link] using the same engine as their [Wallace and Gromit][wallace], [Sam & Max][sm], and [Strong Band’s Cool Game For Attractive People][sbcg] series. The question is: How will they…

  • Tecmo Super Coach Updates Roster, Gameplay

    [Tecmo Super Coach is a ROM hack][link] for Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) that adds and changes a whole bunch of stuff. [link]: “GameSetWatch – Tecmo Super Coach Updates Roster, Gameplay”

  • Bleeding Cool

    [New comics blogsite by Rich Johnson and friends, featuring a column by Warren Ellis][link]. [link]: “Bleeding Cool”

  • Bing

    [Microsoft’s new, absurdly-named, search engine has launched][link]. Two things: How is this better than their own, and how is this better than It seems to bring nothing new to the table aside from the little popups on the right side of the results (which I’m sure is where “bing” came from. Bing! Bing!…

  • Perch

    [A new, tiny, CMS][link]. I could see this being used on a lot of simple client sites. Wiring it up to existing HTML files looks very simple (just include a file), and it does a lot of things *for* you. [link]: “Welcome – Perch – A Really Little Content Management System (CMS)”