Selected Works

Ongoing Projects

  • My Patreon – Support my work and get exclusive perks by becoming a monthly supporter Patreon.
  • OpenCV Weekly – A webinar series hosted by OpenCV CEO Satya Mallick which I moderate and administer.
  • The Monster Association – A audio-visual music project.
  • Sticks & Fists – A (sometimes) weekly co-op game stream featuring games in the Beat ’em Up genre with me and John Inacay, live-streamed on Twitch Wednesday at 7:30pm Pacific time.
  • RetroStrange TV – a 24/7 live stream of awesome public domain movies and short features.
  • LOFI SCIFI – a 24/7 live audio stream of awesome old time radio science fiction stories.
  • My music on Bandcamp – Support independent music by buying some of my weird noises! Some of them are OK.

Selected Works

OpenCV AI Kit – Lite (2021)

Magnetic Interference (2021)

Magnetic Interference (2021) – An album of heavily-processed, haunted, study beats released under a simple CC-BY license on Bandcamp.

OpenCV AI Kit Kickstarter Campaign (2020)

Video written, narrated, edited and produced by me. I also wrote and created nearly all the graphics and campaign updates until the end of the campaign. Raised over $1.3million on Kickstarter.

For The Love of Dog (3D Printed Wireframe Skull Pencil Holder)

Available to download on Thingiverse, or as a 3D print on Shapeways.

On Hiatus

RetroStrange Movie Night – An every-two-weeks double feature of schlock from the Public Domain, live-streamed on Twitch Saturdays at 7pm Pacific time. Currently taking a break from broadcasting to plan Season 2.

Divergent League Baseball – A fantasy baseball league using historical season data in which humans control the the roster moves and CPU players play the games. Taking a break to plan next season.

Retired Projects

A gaming-focused wiki site which became a central hub for the Guild Wars community, and included early wikis for Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, and Warhammer. Severed millions of page views to thousands of folks. Sold to

Arduino Watch Project

A DIY ItsyBitsy-based project, with Bluetooth communication, a monochrome OLED screen and battery power.


A mixed reality basketball game for iOS and the Bridge headset.

la petite url

la petite url was a personal URL shortener for WordPress. Serve easy-to-type, easy-to-remember and short-as-hell URLs to your blog posts and pages from your own web site, without the need for tinyurl or


PNGPress was a Mac OS X front-end for OptiPNG. It takes one or many `.png` files and optimizes them, shaving their file sizes for speedy page loading.

Station Identification

Station Identification was a WordPress plugin which displays an author-configured message beneath all posts in your feeds, to identifying the source of the post. It’s goal is to credit the author even in the event of automated plagiarism.


Diggbarred was a WordPress plugin which implements John Gruber’s method of blocking the DiggBar from accessing your website.

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