08 April 2009

Current Projects

Arduino Watch Project

A DIY ItsyBitsy-based project, with Bluetooth communication, a monochrome OLED screen and battery power.


A mixed reality basketball game for iOS and the Bridge headset.

Retired Projects is a CSS formatter written in HTML5, flavored with jQuery and powered by CSSTidy. It has no user configurable options, and does not do serious code compression. It exists to make your CSS readable, and consistent.

la petite url

la petite url is a personal URL shortener for WordPress. Serve easy-to-type, easy-to-remember and short-as-hell URLs to your blog posts and pages from your own web site, without the need for tinyurl or


PNGPress is a Mac OS X front-end for OptiPNG. It takes one or many .png files and optimizes them, shaving their file sizes for speedy page loading.

Just The Tip

Just The Tip is a simple, attractive, jQuery-based tooltips system that drops in to any standard HTML/CSS document. It allows the ability to use any valid HTML in your tooltips, including embedding videos, images, and flash files.

Station Identification

Station Identification is a WordPress plugin which displays an author-configured message beneath all posts in your feeds, to identifying the source of the post. It’s goal is to credit the author even in the event of automated plagiarism.


Diggbarred is a WordPress plugin which implements John Gruber’s method of blocking the DiggBar from accessing your website.


GadzooCSS is a simple CSS file with two images used for inserting Google Adsense placeholders while developing web sites. It is free, and released to the public domain.

Hello There

My name is Phil Nelson and I make beautiful things for a troubled world. I'm a designer / developer / writer / director / editor / narrator at Occipital.

Stuff I Make

  • My games on, a series of pay-what-you-want games for Mac, Windows, Linux.
  • Liblr, like Mad Libs but for Twitter.
  • SLOWGRAM, a $5 one-off photo printing service.

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