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  • Forest Quest

    This year’s RetroStrange Halloween track is now available on Bandcamp. It’s called “Forest Quest” and it was created by Nicky Flowers, thanks to the support of my Patrons. You can download it free, right now!

  • Phil’s Newsletter #42, AEW: Rampage Watch-Along

    Over on the Substack you can find issue 42 of Phil’s Newsletter, wherein we discuss generative adversarial networks, release a new Monster Association video, and my sister-in-law Jessica critiques my favorite Beatles songs. Today (August 13, 2021) is also the first episode of All Elite Wrestling’s new show, Rampage. We’ll be doing a live watch-along…

  • Now Available: Magnetic Interference – Reverb-heavy Drum Beats

    Magnetic Interference is an album of music produced here in the Wizard Tower, using my KORG Volca Beats, Monotron Delay, and Monotron Duo. They’re meant to be used in your own projects, royalty free. My Patrons get it for $0, but even if you aren’t a member of my Patreon you can listen to it…

  • Phil’s Newsletter #32

    In last week’s continuing adventures of Me, we bought some gay wrestling merch, beat River City Ransom, and I made some shitty music. Read all about it on my Substack

  • My Newsletter For This Week Is Out

    I wrote about the Smashing Pumpkins album Adore, shared an exclusive guitar picture, and ruminated on leaving it all behind. Read and subscribe for free on Substack.

  • The Eleanor Rigby Battle Theme

    Single Link Twitter Post of the day. A skillful mash-up of the classic Pokemon battle theme and the Beatles song Eleanor Rigby. Includes a video of the MIDI notes being played. (via @joshmillard)

  • City Pop Radio

    Van Paugam has been putting out these awesome mixtapes of 1980s Japanese City Pop, and now there’s a 24/7 streaming channel. It’s hard to argue with that pitch: Travel back in time through the haze of memories that aren’t your own, and melodies frozen in a particular place in history.

  • Korg teases music making app for Nintendo Switch

    The announced it by way of a little microsite. The KORG apps for DS are a ton of fun, I have a feeling this one will be even better.

  • TransProse

    [Creating music from text][link]: >Using natural language processing, TransProse reads in text and determines densities of eight different emotions (joy, sadness, anger, disgust, anticipation, surprise, trust, and fear) and two different states (positive or negative) throughout the novel. The musical piece chronologically follows the novel. It uses the emotion density data to determine the tempo,…

  • Radio Garden

    [Point at a spot on the globe, and hear their radio.][link] [link]: http://radio.garden/ “Radio Garden – West End Radio”

  • A beginner’s guide to Dungeon Synth

    [Dirge magazine][link]: >What I Like About Dungeon Synth is, primarily, the music and the wide range of emotions it encompasses; the bombast and the subtlety, the melancholy and the fury, the epic and the transient. It blends genres that are dear to my heart, from medieval airs to black metal malevolence, into something that is…

  • Traces I

    [Traces I][link] is the sound of synthesizers wrapped in cheesecloth being broadcast from the last radio tower of a dying world… in the shape of a 5-track pay-what-you-can album on Bandcamp. I’m enjoying it a lot. You can contribute to [the artist’s patreon][patreon], too. [link]: https://rooksfeather.bandcamp.com/album/traces-i “Traces I” [patreon]: https://www.patreon.com/rooksfeather “Rook on patreon”