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Phil’s Newsletter Issue 22 Is Now Available

We are drowning in deadlines this week, folks. Hosted a webinar (still hate that word) this morning, now I’m writing a press release and submitting a competition entry. No rest for the wicked.

In the newsletter this week I talk about my new mixing board, the San Francisco “exodus” and Movie Night.

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Quick Ones

RetroStrange Movie Night #21 Reveal

Over on we’ve revealed the next entry in the Movie Night series of screenings. It’s time for some more giant rubber suit monsters, baybee!

Patrons have also gotten the HQ downloadable version of my intro for episode 20. It’s only $1/mo, just sayin.

Quick Ones

My Birthday is February 1st

This originally appeared in my newsletter.

Normally I invite my friends to go out and get me drunk, but this year that ain’t happening. Normally I don’t make a big deal about it, but I am leaning in to having birthdays this year. Here are some suggestions if you want to buy me a gift:

  • I have an Amazon wishlist
  • Sick-ass guitar pedals of any type (I already have an MT-2 so not that?)
  • Weird electronics projects
  • Old video games
  • You can send me money via PayPal, or Cash App
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  • Become a Patron for as little as $3/mo
  • Gift cards (esp grocery stores) are also appreciated, send to

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Thank you!

Quick Ones

RetroStrange Gets A New Website

I’ve updated– it no longer just hosts the 24-hour old time radio channel LOFI SCIFI (which has been moved to but is now a WordPress installation.

We’ve got some plans for the new year, starting with RetroStrange Movie Night #16.