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  • Ads for ads: The ad-supported app bubble

    The [droste effect][droste] like world of [Ads in apps for apps with ads][link]. Where’s the actual money coming from? It’s strange that nobody has been talking about this before now. I guess when VCs are throwing money at you it’s hard to see past tomorrow. [link]: http://www.asymco.com/2011/03/17/ads-for-ads-the-ad-supported-app-bubble/ “Ads for ads: The ad-supported app bubble |…

  • PNGPress

    This app is retired. [PNGPress, my simple image optimization app for Mac OS X is now available on the App Store.][link] I hope you like it. PNGPress will accept any number of PNG images dropped onto its dock icon. [link]: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pngpress/id416848846?mt=12 “PNGPress”

  • Lukas Mathis’ Take on Apple’s ‘Back To The Mac’ Special Event

    [Too many good points to quote, just do yourself a favor and read it.][link] [link]: http://ignorethecode.net/blog/2010/10/24/lion/ “ignore the code: Lion”

  • Amateur Hour

    [Jesper of Waffle Software on the new, published, App Store rules][link]: >[…] I don’t think it’s unfair for Apple to have a list of the applications produced for its platform that it believes is decent and upstanding, and which it is proud to be associated with. *I just don’t think that that list should be…

  • Netflix App now available For iOS

    [For the price of an $8.99/month Netflix account, you can now carry the service in your pocket.][link] If you’re in the US, that is. [link]: http://blog.netflix.com/2010/08/netflix-now-available-on-your-iphone.html “The Official Netflix Blog: Netflix now available on your iPhone and iPod touch”

  • Apple Bans Adaptation of James Joyce’s Ulysses from App Store

    [Banned due to a scene which features a nude man diving into the ocean][link]. It isn’t even well-rendered generalia, nor is it sexual in nature. It’s just a little lump below his belly. It’s just a penis, which takes up maybe 1/64th of one panel of a comic book. I guess comic adaptations of James…

  • “Steam Is a Port”

    [John Bell on Steam’s Mac version][link], and cross-platform UIs in general. As I did [in my post on Steam][me], he sees it as an example in favor of Apple’s stance on third-party SDKs in the App Store: >Apple has their head on straight with regards to ports. They want apps to be designed with iPads…

  • The App Store: Revenge Reviews

    [Garret Murray, developer of the Ego app for iPhone, on what he calls “revenge reviews”][link]: Reviews posted to the App Store by users who accidentally purchased an app, misread it’s description, or otherwise made a mistake. I hadn’t thought of this: >People brought up a great point the last time I complained about App Store…

  • Google Voice for iPhone and Palm WebOS

    [Written in HTML5, no need to interact with the App Store at all][link], it’s available immediately. Funny how that works out. [link]: http://googlevoiceblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/google-voice-for-iphone-and-palm-webos.html “Google Voice Blog: Google Voice for iPhone and Palm WebOS”

  • Opera Mini “Countup”

    [Opera submitted Opera Mini to the App Store 6 hours ago, and this page is tracking how long it takes Apple to approve it][link]. The closest guess wins a new iPhone. This is pretty clever. Everyone knows the App Store approval process is bunk, why not have some fun with it? [link]: http://my.opera.com/community/countup/ “My Opera…

  • “Made, Is Making, or Will Make?”

    [David Barnard on the sales fluctuations in the App Store][link], and how hard is it to gauge future success/sales on same. [link]: http://davidbarnard.com/post/425488663/made “Made, Is Making, or Will Make? – @drbarnard”

  • Apple Now Blocking ‘Overtly Sexual’ Apps from App Store

    [First they came for the creepy almost-porn apps, and I said nothing because I wasn’t into creepy almost-porn apps][link]. I’m sure this makes sense to businessmen, but I am really fucking uncomfortable with Apple being in charge of what is considered “overtly sexual.” This is purely “[I know it when I see it][know]” fascism. There…