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  • Watch my new show, Phil’s Show., Tuesdays at 7pm

    “Phil’s Show.” is a live-stream variety show hosted by me, Phil Nelson, Tuesdays at 7pm Pacific time. I play video games, interact with the audience, and invite friends and guests from my 20+ career in computer vision, AI, design, and web development. Watch on YouTube: on Twitch:

  • Forest Quest

    This year’s RetroStrange Halloween track is now available on Bandcamp. It’s called “Forest Quest” and it was created by Nicky Flowers, thanks to the support of my Patrons. You can download it free, right now!

  • Set Side B, A New Independent Gaming Blog

    Softly and quietly launched this week: Set Side B. A new gaming blog from John Harris, one of my favorite games writers, and a small-but-growing cast of characters. The name Set Side B has been kicking around in my head for awhile, being the huge Famicom Disk System nerd that I am. It’s a reference…

  • Phil’s Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 4

    … is now available on Substack. Read about my new guitar, the latest OpenCV Weekly Webinar guests, what video games I’m streaming, and a reminder that Divergent League Baseball 1999 is coming soon! Read it on Substack

  • Christine Sherman

    My grandmother died last week. I wrote about it in my newsletter. It is reprinted here for posterity when Substack goes dark eventually. — She was my grandmother, but of course she was more than that. She was a human being with thoughts and wants and needs and she was not shy about telling you…

  • Introducing StrangeLine and More RetroStrange-ness

    This weekend I did some work on RetroStrange infrastructure and scheduling. RetroStrange TV (our 24/7 streaming TV channel) which is now fully autonomous and publishes notifications to Twitter when each show or movie begins with the #RSTV hashtag. You can find my TV station code on GitHub. The current setup of two Linode 4GB servers…

  • Phil’s Newsletter #49

    … is now available in your inbox or on Substack. Learn about the latest episode of Sticks & Fists, get the latest RetroStrange theme tune, and some Good Links.

  • I’m Featured on the Linode Craft of Code podcast this week

    We talked indie web infrastructure, Troma, Ted Lasso, and the hows and whys of our public domain media empire on RetroStrange. Give the episode a listen on their website, or in your podcast app of choice.

  • New Client Work: OpenCV AI Kit – Lite

    Like last year’s campaign, I created the video for this amazing spatial AI device. Now available on Kickstarter.

  • Phil’s Newsletter #42, AEW: Rampage Watch-Along

    Over on the Substack you can find issue 42 of Phil’s Newsletter, wherein we discuss generative adversarial networks, release a new Monster Association video, and my sister-in-law Jessica critiques my favorite Beatles songs. Today (August 13, 2021) is also the first episode of All Elite Wrestling’s new show, Rampage. We’ll be doing a live watch-along…

  • Now Available: Magnetic Interference – Reverb-heavy Drum Beats

    Magnetic Interference is an album of music produced here in the Wizard Tower, using my KORG Volca Beats, Monotron Delay, and Monotron Duo. They’re meant to be used in your own projects, royalty free. My Patrons get it for $0, but even if you aren’t a member of my Patreon you can listen to it…

  • Phil’s Newsletter #31, RetroStrange Movie Night Season Finale

    This week’s edition of Phil’s Newsletter is out- in it you’ll find me repairing an old Phil Collins cassette tape, 3D printing some cute stackable boxes, beating River City Ransom, and generally Trying My Best. This weekend is the Season Finale of RetroStrange Movie Night, and we’re going out with a bang: By honoring the…