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06 December 2012

Accessing the user’s camera using only Javascript. No flash. Performance isn’t real-time on my old MacBook Pro, but it’s “good enough” for things like single shots (e.g. a Photo Booth). 5 years ago this would’ve been voodoo of a high caliber, now it’s one line of jQuery. (via Waxy)

CSS Shaders

11 October 2011

Adobe’s John Nack: So, yeah: Adobe’s using Flash-derived technology to make HTML5 more competitive with Flash. Crazy, right? Not at all: this increases your ability to present visually rich experiences, and that increases Adobe’s ability to sell you tools for creating those experiences.  The different playback technologies are just means to those ends. Working with […]

HTML5 Audio Safari Extension

07 November 2010

Another in the recent line of “replace Flash whenever possible” Safari plugins, which replaces popular Flash-based audio players with the HTML5 <audio> element. See also: The YouTube5 extension, which does the same for YouTube embeds.

Another Look At Flash on Android

01 September 2010

The actual article title is “Flash on Android Is Shockingly Bad,” but I’m not exactly shocked by it. Anyone who has tried to use Flash on a machine with a < 2ghz processor knows exactly how well it performs. Schadenfreude aside, look at what it does to the browser itself. One could argue that the […]

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