Another Look At Flash on Android

The actual article title is “[Flash on Android Is Shockingly Bad][link],” but I’m not exactly shocked by it. Anyone who has tried to use Flash on a machine with a < 2ghz processor knows exactly how well it performs. Schadenfreude aside, look at what it does to the browser itself. One could argue that the web browser is the most important app on a mobile device and as [Gruber notes][grub], before the page even loads the Flash content is making it hard to scroll, hard to tap. If there is one cardinal rule of touch-based devices it is this: If at any point your app becomes unresponsive to taps or scrolls, your app is broken. [link]: "Video: Flash on Android Is Shockingly Bad" [grub]: "Daringfireball's Linked List: Worth Watching Again: Kevin Tofel’s Demo of Flash on a Nexus One"


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