Remove TimeMachine Backups.backupdb file manually via terminal command line

10 January 2017

This weekend I started building a media center with the CHIP and an old external hard drive which formerly functioned as my Time Machine backup (here’s the new Time Machine drive). In the process, I needed to delete the old Time Machine backup but NOT format the drive. This proved to be harder than you’d think.

Long story short, the tool you’re looking for is tmutil. It exists solely to modify and delete Time Machine backups. Use it like this: sudo tmutil delete /Volumes/YourDisk/Backups.backupdb

Source: Remove TimeMachine Backups.backupdb file manually via terminal command line | Garbage In Garbage Out : Tech Blog

Badlands: The Scroll of Naming

05 January 2017

Instead of just asking for money for my prototype game, Badlands, I’ve created the Scroll of Naming. Visit the Badlands homepage and you can pay $1.50 to add any 3 names to the random name generator in the game. Your submissions will be added to the core game code and distributed with the game to everyone.

Don’t be a jerk. I can / will reject names due to bigotry or other jackassery.

Announcing Bridge: A positionally tracked mixed reality and VR headset for iPhone

13 December 2016

So… We Made A Headset. More on the official site.

We started working on Bridge, in secret, pretty soon after Structure Sensor launched. It’s so cool to be able to talk about this in public. I got to get my hands dirty with a lot of Bridge, including the Bridge Engine that powers the software. The press has done a better job than I could in describing the device, so I’ll leave it to them for now:

Wired: The Bridge Headset Powers Up iPhone VR With Positional Tracking

The Verge: Bridge is a new headset that lets you mix virtual objects with the real world

Work: Inside-out 6-DoF Positional tracking for Mobile VR

05 October 2016

Last week Occipital announced the VR Dev Kit, and a public preview of our kickass positional tracking inside of Bridge Engine. As part of the launch, I did a lot of stuff! Here’s the video that I wrote, shot, edited, and narrated:

I also designed the system with our in-house 3D team, prototyped it all on our 3D printer (an Ultimaker 2), and am currently helping to kit and ship the orders with Lauren. Being this close to every part of a product is really exciting and scary, but so worth it when it works.

Update: We got featured on TechCrunch!

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