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In defense of the ‘Happy Days’ ‘Jump the Shark’ episode

Written by the writer of that very episode. More than a little defensive, but it is somewhat interesting to hear the guy talk about it like this. He seems to be confused on one point, though. Jumping the shark doesn’t mean a decline in popularity, though. It means a decline in the qualities that made […]

“Lost” Rod Serling Interview From 1970

Serling interviewed by University of Kansas professor James Gunn. Part 1 and Part 2. This video was to be part of the professor’s film series “Science Fiction in Literature,” but was not included due to rights issues with Serling’s work. Blame CBS. Via SF Signal.

David Mamet’s Editorial Notes To Writers of “The Unit”

Written, as one might hope, in all-caps, laced with profanity, and peppered with utter contempt for network executives. Delicious, and mostly good advice. A sample: ANY TIME ANY CHARACTER IS SAYING TO ANOTHER “AS YOU KNOW”, THAT IS, TELLING ANOTHER CHARACTER WHAT YOU, THE WRITER, NEED THE AUDIENCE TO KNOW, THE SCENE IS A CROCK […]


Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel’s 1991 television pilot, starring Adam West.

Batman: The Animated Series Writer’s Bible

Brought you by the magic of the internet (PDF). Of personal interest to me: NO STORIES ABOUT BATMAN’S ORIGIN If only Hollywood would’ve listened. The document itself is full of reasons why Batman: TAS is still the best Batman-related media outside of the comics-sphere, but the above rings truest to me.

Edward Woodward (1930 – 2009)

BBC News has the standard obit covered, for a less formal take, see British filmmaker Edgar Wright’s tribute. I used to watch The Equalizer all the time in reruns at a kid, and the Wicker Man is one of my favorite films, and one of the best British horror films ever. Nobody had a poker […]

Nickelodeon’s New Logo

… is not very good. I wonder how many millions it cost them to have someone make their logo worse? I have many fond memories of Nickelodeon properties on my TV (Rocko’s Modern Life, the first series of Rugrats, Invader Zim, the crappy foreign-produced ‘toons they’d show during school hours), and it’s sad to see […]

Futurama Picked Up for 26 New Episodes

Thank you, Comedy Central. A spokesperson for 20th Century Fox Television confirms that the cable net has ordered 26 new episodes of Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s late, great animated series to air beginning in 2010.

John Madden Is Retiring

Probably the single most visible ambassador of American football is calling it quits after 50 years. A great coach, and a great announcer. Even if you didn’t like his style, you knew he cared a lot about the game.

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