Phil’s Newsletter #39, Sticks & Fists Return

Now available on the Substack, issue 39 of my weekly newsletter. In it, I discuss the labors of the week: Marathoning season 1 of One Punch Man and both seasons of I Think You Should Leave.

Over , you can catch of Sticks & Fists, in which we take on Downtown Special: Kunio-Kun Downtown Special: Kunio-kun’s Historical Period Drama! which for the uninitiated westerners out there is sort of a sequel to River City Ransom. It owns and we’ll be playing it again this week, 7:30 pm Wednesday on Twitch.

In defense of the ‘Happy Days’ ‘Jump the Shark’ episode

Written by the writer of that very episode. More than a little defensive, but it is somewhat interesting to hear the guy talk about it like this.

He seems to be confused on one point, though.

Jumping the shark doesn’t mean a decline in popularity, though. It means a decline in the qualities that made the show good to begin with. Jumping the shark is the point at which the show you liked starts becoming something else; generally something worse, at least from your perspective as a longtime fan.