Turning down Netflix

Netflix refuses copyright holder’s request to stream her film without DRM. Nina Paley (the filmmaker) owns the film outright. There are no rights issues whatsoever. I believe the issue here is related to this culture we have where we assume everyone is a criminal. It’s actually more work for Netflix to let people watch a movie without digitally encrypting it than it is to just encrypt everything. I doubt Netflix’s service was designed to even support sending a movie in the clear, without DRM. It’d probably cost them tens of thousands of dollars to modify it.

Either that, or Netflix thinks their job is protecting copyright holders from themselves. Must be hard, knowing what’s best for everyone.

Android OS Installed on iPhone

This is, as Andy Baio calls it, “a clever hack”, and that’s about it. It is worthy of note primarily because it is, as far as I know, the first time a non-Apple OS has been installed on the iPhone hardware. At least, the first time in public.

The real power of the iPhone isn’t that it’s got a pretty shell or the best capacitive touchscreen on the market. The power of the iPhone is the interplay between hardware and software that were designed to compliment each other by teams of carefully chosen engineers whose only job was to make the iPhone hardware and software fit each other perfectly.