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Your humble narrator sometime in 2020.

Extra Future is the work of Phil Nelson, a creative director, writer, designer, video creator and programmer from Michigan who now lives Out West. He has been writing and coding on the internet for as long as he can remember.

You may remember him from founding GameWikis.org (acquired by Wikia), launching Structure Sensor, Bridge Headset, and Structure Sensor Mark II with Occipital, running the $1.3 million dollar OpenCV AI Kit Kickstarter campaign, co-hosting OpenCV Live, hosting RetroStrange Movie Night or being Commissioner of Divergent League Baseball. He collects vintage video game stuff.

How It’s Made

In the development and maintenance of Extra Future and his other projects, Phil uses the following software extensively:

Phil is currently available for work. If you’d like to contact him, you can do so on the Contact page.