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  • Matt Gemmell on the iPad and It’s Failures as a “Laptop Replacement”

    >[So you want to potentially not use a laptop anymore, but you also want a computer that does all the same things as a laptop, in pretty much the same way. In which case, I think the computer you’re looking for _is a laptop_.][link] Incredible burn on every tech journalist who has written this. [link]:…

  • Panic Releases Status Board

    Remember when we all lost our shit over Panic’s awesome in-house status board? [Well they released it on the App Store today.][link] $10. You can even [create your own data sources by following this doc][docs]. I’m sure the docs will be available as a non-PDF soon enough. [link]: http://panic.com/statusboard/ “Status Board” [docs]: http://panic.com/statusboard/docs/diy_tutorial.pdf “Tutorial PDF”

  • Adobe Discontinues Flash for Mobile Devices

    [Buried inside this inane, rambling, corpspeak, document is the fact that Adobe is abandoning Flash for mobile platforms][link]. This is a good thing for everyone, Adobe included. [link]: http://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2011/11/flash-focus.html “Flash to Focus on PC Browsing and Mobile Apps; Adobe to More Aggressively Contribute to HTML5 Adobe Featured Blogs”

  • HP Says To Bye Bye TouchPad, Pre

    [Almost hidden in this press release about HP’s plans to buy Autonomy Corporation][link]: >In addition, HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward. A real shame. webOS…

  • Inkling

    [Interactive textbooks for the iPad][link]. The educational potential is neat, but personally I’m just as interested in the entertainment potential. [link]: http://www.inkling.com/ “Inkling – Interactive textbooks for iPad.”

  • Elements, a Dropbox powered text editor for iOS

    [An extremely slick-looking text editor][link] a bit lacking in features, but cloud storage using the indispensable Dropbox is a big plus. [link]: http://www.secondgearsoftware.com/elements/ “Elements — Dropbox powered text editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from Second Gear”

  • Adam Lisagor: iPad TV

    [The Sandwich has some thoughts on the iPad, TV, and the rumored new Apple TV][link]. I like what he’s thinking: >Could it be that Apple has chosen to separate our video content and store it temporarily in this ghetto because there is something new and awesome on the horizon? Here’s what I think: Soon enough,…

  • Smokescreen: a Flash player in JavaScript

    [Very impressive.][link] If I were Adobe I’d be contributing to this project right now. [link]: http://simonwillison.net/2010/May/29/smokescreen/ “Smokescreen demo: a Flash player in JavaScript”

  • Lulu.com Offers iPad Publishing

    [Huge news for people who self-publish][link]. This makes it a much more viable option for me personally, as well. [link]: http://www.lulu.com/apple-ipad-publishing “Apple iPad Publishing”

  • The App Store: Revenge Reviews

    [Garret Murray, developer of the Ego app for iPhone, on what he calls “revenge reviews”][link]: Reviews posted to the App Store by users who accidentally purchased an app, misread it’s description, or otherwise made a mistake. I hadn’t thought of this: >People brought up a great point the last time I complained about App Store…

  • Steve Jobs: Thoughts on Flash

    [An actual post by Steve Jobs on why the iPhone doesn’t support Flash][link], and why it’s not likely to in the future. Well-written, and covers pretty much every logical base. [link]: http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/ “Thoughts on Flash”

  • iPhone Native GUI Hall of Shame

    [It’s worth noting that the iPhone/iPad is capable of some truly atrocious user interfaces][link]. [link]: http://nativegui.posterous.com/ “iPhone Native GUI – Home”