The Exterminator’s Want-Ad

25 June 2010

Treat yourself to some good ‘ol speculative fiction from the one and only Bruce Sterling from a future where the economy tanked for good, the elites went MIA or to jail, and America has become one big favela: And boy, do I ever miss them. No more billboards, no more chain stores, no big-box Chinese […]


18 June 2010

A pretty, usable, interface for managing a “launch list” that is, a list of tasks, tests, and functions that must be run/checked to launch a given project on the web or otherwise.

Metafilter’s Liblr Thread

16 June 2010

I feel good about today already. For those asking in the comments, yes, the name is a pun. I wanted a name that described the Mad Libs-style word substitution, the Flickr/Tumblr style web 2.0 naming scheme, and sounded somewhat like a mumble when spoken.


14 June 2010

Drunken Welles is good Welles: This here’s a group of autobiographical interviews Welles laid down sometime in the ’70s, issued as a companion to the Peter Bogdanovich book of the same name. Narrated by Bogdanovich, who identifies the tapes as from 1968-70. Download at the link.

The “Immortal” Jellyfish

13 June 2010

turritopsis nutricula, a species which can “cycle from a mature adult stage to an immature polyp stage and back again,” may have no natural limit on it’s lifespan. Granted, it can still get beaten to death or otherwise killed through violence or stupidity. Just not old age.

How To Enable Extensions For Safari 5

07 June 2010

If you, like me, have tried to install a Safari 5 extension such as Coda Notes, and were met with the following dialog: and then spent 5 minutes looking through Safari’s Preferences window to no avail, this is how you enable Extensions on Safari 5: Open Preferences Click Advanced Click Show develop in menu bar […]

Coda Notes: a Safari Extension

07 June 2010

Unveiled by Cabel Sasser on stage at WWDC today, this is already hot shit: When you install Coda Notes, you’ll get a new button in your toolbar. Click it to see all our annotation tools, built right into Safari. Draw some notes on your favorite website. Communicate changes, ideas, concepts, or problems. Then, when you’re […]

Liblr, The Twitter Mad Lib Machine

07 June 2010

Liblr is an Extra Future 6-hour Project which takes the public Twitter stream and lets your replace one phrase with another, in the name of fun. An example, taking the phrase ‘had sex’ and replacing with ‘played scrabble’ gives you gems like the following: Is it normal for a 21 year old boy to have […]

Adam Lisagor: iPad TV

06 June 2010

The Sandwich has some thoughts on the iPad, TV, and the rumored new Apple TV. I like what he’s thinking: Could it be that Apple has chosen to separate our video content and store it temporarily in this ghetto because there is something new and awesome on the horizon? Here’s what I think: Soon enough, […]

Apple – HTML5

04 June 2010

An Apple-sanctioned HTML5 demo site. This is a good first step towards getting serious about HTML5, in the sense of actually building things. Things of note: Most of these aren’t HTML5 per-se, and they won’t work in other browsers that don’t use webkit, due to Apple only using their vendor-prefixed CSS attributes (-webkit).

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