The Exterminator’s Want-Ad

Treat yourself to some good ‘ol speculative fiction from the one and only Bruce Sterling from a future where the economy tanked for good, the elites went MIA or to jail, and America has become one big favela:

And boy, do I ever miss them. No more billboards, no more chain stores, no big-box Chinese depots and no neon fried-food shacks. It’s become another world, as in “another world is possible,” and we’re stuck in there. It’s very possible, very real, and it’s very smelly. There are constant power blackouts.

“Scribd’s Decision To Dump Flash Pays Off, User Engagement Triples”

Big benefits in Scribd’s switch from using Flash to create and display their content to using plain ‘ol HTML5, CSS, and Javascript:

Over the last few months, user engagement on Scribd has surged, according to CEO Trip Adler, thanks to its transition to HTML5, the introduction of the iPad, and Scribd’s Facebook integration. Of these three factors, Adler says the conversion from Flash to HTML5 was by far the greatest driver for his document sharing company. According to Scribd’s numbers, time on the site has tripled in the last three months.

Anyone surprised? Make your content easier to read and interact with and more people will do so.

U.S. Tortures Innocent Canadian Man, Gets Away With It

This is the United States in 2010: They can abduct an innocent man on false charges, keep him imprisoned for 10 months in a kennel barely big enough for a dog, torture him, release him without admitting any wrongdoing on their part, and then have the highest court in the land refuse to hear his case. Due to National Security. Which are the same auspices under which they tortured an innocent man.

This is capital-fucking-W Wrong and there is nothing that can make it right.

How To Enable Extensions For Safari 5

If you, like me, have tried to install a Safari 5 extension such as Coda Notes, and were met with the following dialog:

and then spent 5 minutes looking through Safari’s Preferences window to no avail, this is how you enable Extensions on Safari 5:

  1. Open Preferences
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Click Show develop in menu bar
  4. Close and reopen Safari
  5. Click the Develop menu item
  6. Finally, click Enable Extensions


Adam Lisagor: iPad TV

The Sandwich has some thoughts on the iPad, TV, and the rumored new Apple TV. I like what he’s thinking:

Could it be that Apple has chosen to separate our video content and store it temporarily in this ghetto because there is something new and awesome on the horizon? Here’s what I think: Soon enough, that placeholder app called Videos will go away, to replaced by a new app called Apple TV.

The current iPad videos app is a real turd in the iPad’s otherwise beautiful punchbowl. This makes a lot of sense.