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### Dethklok: Dethalbum II

Dethalbum II is a much more “serious” attempt at a modern Metal album than [Dethklok][band]’s first effort, [The Dethalbum][1]. Brendon Small’s vocals are much more Brendon, and much less Nathan Explosion. It’s faster, there is less emphasis on the big metal drums, and overall less variety than the previous effort. If you already love Dethklok, get the album ([$9.99 from Amazon MP3][mp3]), if not… maybe you shouldn’t have bothered reading this to begin with. Sorry.

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### Brütal Legend

Double Fine’s Metal Opus doesn’t come out until the 13th, but if you’re still on the fence about buying it, I will just say this: DUDE, WHAT? [Watch the first 15 minutes of the game][15] to whet your appetite, then pre-order it from Amazon ([Xbox 360][x360], [PS3][ps3]). You will do this, and you will thank me.

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[Sponsor] The Extra Future Amazon Store

[In which, among other lovely items][store], you’ll find what I’m currently reading: *[Hello Americans][hello]* by Simon Callow.

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This is the second volume of Callow’s biography on film legend Orson Welles (the first being 1997’s *[The Road To Xanadu][xanadu]*) and it is every bit as worthy a portrait of Welles as it’s predecessor. It covers Welles’s life post-*Kane*, including the hatchet-job that RKO unleashed on *[The Magnificent Ambersons][ambersons]*. It’s tone is one of someone who neither demonizes or worships Welles, but seeks to find the truths of his life.

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[Sponsor] Threadless

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