These are the things I've written that are tagged "typography"

Trail Type

A user-generated collection of typography from national parks and other ‘wild’ spaces. Beautiful stuff.


Font‑To‑Width (FTW!) is a script by Nick Sherman and Chris Lewis that takes advantage of large type families to fit pieces of text snugly within their containers. Can definitely see using this for some datavis stuff. There is some FOUT (Flash of unstyled text) to deal with though.

Beautiful web type

A collection / demo of the “best” typefaces from Google’s web font directory. Well-curated and paired nicely. This is a great resource.

The thorny problem of “ye”

John August on the (to me, anyway) revelation that the quaint olden-times word “Ye”, as in “Ye Olde Shoppe,” was actually pronounced “the” and was the result of typesetting problems relating to the missing “Thorn” glyph in many printing fonts.

Contrast Rebellion

Let’s put an end to this low-contrast, light gray nonsense and use typography for its purpose: Making text readable. That’s a rallying cry I can echo without hesitation.


A very intriguing typography plugin for jQuery. The example gallery is pretty damned impressive.


A nifty little JS bookmarklet that tells you what font is being used on the text you’re hovering over. No more digging through CSS files for this cowboy.


A great-looking, compact, typeface for industry. Comes in 3 flavors and is free for private or commercial use.

Introducing Typekit

A platform for css3’s @font-face. The real test of this will be how many hoops you have to jump through to embed a font, and how it handles failure: We’ve built a technology platform that lets us to host both free and commercial fonts in a way that is incredibly fast, smoothes out differences in […]

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My name is Phil Nelson and I make beautiful objects for a troubled world in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. I'm a designer / developer at Occipital.

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