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  • Flash CS5 will export to HTML5 Canvas

    [It’s nice to be able to link to something GOOD that Adobe is doing.][link] With Apple putting the kibosh on their Flash -> iPhone bridge, this is an even bigger deal. Apple does not, yet, control HTML. [link]: http://www.9to5mac.com/Flash-html5-canvas-35409730 “Flash CS5 will export to HTML5 Canvas | 9 to 5 Mac”

  • “A conversation I have every month or so”

    [and me.][link] It really shouldn’t have to be said, here in 2010, but shit. Restaurants: Have your hours, at least, in a plain HTML document. I don’t even need your menu. [link]: http://venomousporridge.com/post/389785000/a-conversation-i-have-every-month-or-so “venomous porridge – A conversation I have every month or so”

  • MPEGLA Announces H.264 To Remain Royalty-Free (For Free Content) Until 2016

    [This is a good thing][link], for now, but licensing-wise H.264 is actually probably *worse* than Flash. It works great with a hardware decoder, but why should I trust the MPEGLA to not pull the rug out from under the internet in 6 years? Of note: The 2016 deadline only applies to “Internet Video that is…

  • Jeffrey Zeldman on Flash, the iPad, and Standards

    [You can always count on Zeldman to say things like][link] >As the percentage of web users on non-Flash-capable platforms grows, developers who currently create Flash experiences with no fallbacks will have to rethink their strategy and start with the basics before adding a Flash layer. They will need to ensure that content and experience are…

  • Rebuttal.

    (photo sources: [douglubey.com][doug], [chris.pirillo.com][ch], [deconcept.com][de], [adobe.com][ad], [cutesoft.net][cs], [adrianparr.com][adr]) [doug]: http://douglubey.com/images/FlashPlayerPluginCrash.JPG “Doug Lubey” [de]: http://blog.deconcept.com/ “Deconcept” [ad]: http://adobe.com “Adobe” [cs]: http://cutesoft.com “Cutesoft” [adr]: http://adrianparr.com “Adrian Parr” [ch]: http://chris.pirillo.com “Chris Pirillo”

  • Gordon, A Flash Runtime Written in JavaScript

    [The demos are pretty impressive][link], for what it is. Works on iPhone. [link]: http://paulirish.com/work/gordon/demos/ “Gordon”

  • Browser Debugging Flowchart

    [This in-depth flow chart could be very helpful for people in IT Departments world-wide][link]. [link]: http://blog.davebc.com/post/233408442/browser-debugging-flowchart-via-lkm “1FPS Browser Debugging Flowchart via lkm”

  • Adobe and “Open Government” is Utter Bullshit

    [Chris Foresman takes on Adobe’s push for government use of it’s Flash, PDF, and other assorted proprietary formats][link]. It’s funny when an article that just presents facts can be so scathing: >After just a cursory browsing, here are some of the usability and data accessibility issues we observed. You can’t select, copy, or paste any…

  • HTML 5: Could it kill Flash and Silverlight?

    [If we are lucky][link]. [link]: http://tech.yahoo.com/news/infoworld/20090616/tc_infoworld/79291 ” HTML 5: Could it kill Flash and Silverlight? by InfoWorld: Yahoo! Tech”

  • My Brute

    [Flashed-based fighting game where you generate a character that automatically fights][link]. Weird little game. [link]: http://philnelson.mybrute.com/ “PhilNelson My Brute”