Month: October 2011

  • CSS3 Patterns Gallery

    [Golly this is nifty][link]. A very nice collection of gradient patterns, all of which work with CSS PIE (which means they work in IE!). [link]: “CSS3 Patterns Gallery”

  • HP to Keep PC Division

    [New CEO Meg Whitman makes her first good move.][link] It’s heartening to HP realize that its hardware division has not only an important history but a future, however it is saddening that this vision does not apply to webOS. [link]: “HP to Keep PC Division”

  • PROTECT IP Act Breaks the Internet

    [A 4 minute video you need to watch today][link]. PIPA is a truly disgusting piece of legislative bile which exists entirely to give big media companies even more control over the internet and your life. [link]: “PROTECT IP Act Breaks the Internet”

  • Andy Baio’s First Article for Wired Epicenter

    [The beginning of a weekly must-read][link]. Andy is good people, a good writer, and sharp as a tack: >On Wednesday, Google retired a longer-standing “plus”: the + operator, a standard bit of syntax used to force words and phrases to appear in search results. The operator was part of Google since its launch in 1997…

  • Stuff I Made: Metroid Title Theme

    Some years ago I made this version of the Metroid title theme on my Mac. I think it is sufficiently moody/creepy. Enjoy! Download: Metroid Intro (M4a, 2.2mb)

  • How to bring good design to a platform

    [Marco Arment is, once again, on point][link]. One of the largest problems with Android is the same problem Windows has had since its launch: The lack of attention to detail, nuance, and usability focus in the built-in applications and OS make developers feel like they can be lazy. Based on my experience with the Android…

  • Metroid Source Code Expanded

    [Nine text files in which you will find the complete source code for the original Metroid game for the NES][link]. I assume this is the code for the American NES cart version, and not the slightly superior Japanese FDS version. [link]: “ – Documents – Metroid Source Code Expanded”

  • “The background needs more texture”

    [Neven Mrgan provides a simple, but lovely, anecdote, about Steve Jobs.][link] [link]: “Steve – Neven Mrgans tumbl”

  • CSS Shaders

    [Adobe’s John Nack:][link] >So, yeah: Adobe’s using Flash-derived technology to make HTML5 more competitive with Flash. > >Crazy, right? Not at all: this increases your ability to present visually rich experiences, and that increases Adobe’s ability to sell you tools for creating those experiences.  The different playback technologies are just means to those ends. Working…

  • Ghostery

    [A browser plug-in that automatically blocks covert ad trackers, tracking pixels and other hop-ons.][link] [link]: “Ghostery”