Month: March 2021

  • Phil’s Newsletter Issue 22 Is Now Available

    We are drowning in deadlines this week, folks. Hosted a webinar (still hate that word) this morning, now I’m writing a press release and submitting a competition entry. No rest for the wicked. In the newsletter this week I talk about my new mixing board, the San Francisco “exodus” and Movie Night. Read and subscribe…

  • Phil’s Newsletter is out, Plus: Tonight is RetroStrange Movie Night #21

    As announced on tonight we’ll be streaming a couple of good ‘ol fashioned rubber suit monster movies with Gamera .vs. Barugon and Majin The Monster of Terror, both released in 1966. My newsletter went out last Thursday like it usually has. I spun up a Patron/Subscriber only Valheim server. I like Valheim.

  • RetroStrange Movie Night #21 Reveal

    Over on we’ve revealed the next entry in the Movie Night series of screenings. It’s time for some more giant rubber suit monsters, baybee! Patrons have also gotten the HQ downloadable version of my intro for episode 20. It’s only $1/mo, just sayin.

  • This Week’s Newsletter Is Now Available

    You can grab yourself a heapin’ helpin’ of Phil’s Newsletter at the usual place. It’s still free. You can still pay me anyway. Just sayin’ This week I launched a big project and talked a bit about the little things.

  • Spring Cleaned got “a new paint of coat,” today and I am using one of the (very easy-reading) default WordPress templates until I get the gumption to create my own again. I keep wanting to post things here but it feels like the world has changed around this slice of the internet. The silos just keep…