Month: April 2021

  • Phil’s Newsletter #26

    Today we pass the half-year mark on Phil’s Newsletter with issue Number Twenty-Six. 26 weeks of me talking too much about myself. This week we cover The Bacon Grease Jar, RetroStrange TV content drop, my weekly webinar series, and next week’s Movie Night movies. Thanks for reading and subscribing.

  • Where To Find Phil Nelson Online, April 2021 Edition

    I’ve found things are easier when I post these periodic reminders of where I am doing stuff online these days, and how people can get at me or support me or both. Not many changes from our previous edition in December 2020. Bold items are new. As of right now you can find me at…

  • Phil’s Newsletter #25

    … is now available on the Substack. In it we discuss: My deteriorating mental state, this weekend’s RetroStrange Movie Night episode, and the return of 1993 Divergent League. Thanks for reading.

  • Phil’s Newsletter-mania, And So On

    This week on Phil’s Newsletter, it is Wrestlemania, but then again, every day is Wrestlemania. Our Discord sever is now a community server, which means I want all of ya’ll in there. This is a year for making new friends. Join today and watch some wrestling, or play some video games, or just lurk:…

  • This Week’s Newsletter, RetroStrange TV, and Movie Night

    This week’s newsletter is a little bit light, and I was in a real weird mood while writing it. Movie Night is this weekend! So, like, we have a TV channel now. RetroStrange TV to be precise. It plays movies we have featured on Movie Nights past, including some short features and other odds and…