A Concise Summary of Charlie Booker’s Recent Anti(?)-Apple Rant

29 September 2009

Cleversimon gets to the heart of Charlie Booker’s strange rambly piece from earlier this week: Finishing the sentence “I’ll never buy a Mac because” with anything but “it doesn’t meet my needs” means you don’t get to accuse Apple users of making irrational purchasing decisions based on slavish adherence to an ideology. It’s not surprising […]

How Useful Is YouTube’s 5-Star Rating System?

22 September 2009

5-star ratings utterly dominate the distribution of overall votes. 1 star votes are in “second place”, but as the graph shows it isn’t even close. Star ratings really don’t work well on the internet. YouTube would be much better off with a simple “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” system, and doing their algorithmic magic on […]

Acorn 2.0

14 September 2009

Flying Meat Software release a super update to their image editor, Acorn. It sports an all-new UI designed (mostly) by Brandon Walkin. Gus’ blog post sums up many of the changes. It is, interestingly to me, 64-bit and only runs on 10.6.

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