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28 June 2012

Valve releases the tool they’ve used to create every Meet The Team short for TF2, and it looks incredible. To wit: What could be the single greatest step forward for machinima… ever, is released for free as a side product because Valve wants to see what you make with it.

LouisCK Selling Tour Tickets Directly From His Website

26 June 2012

Cutting out the middle-man and going fan direct for his next tour. He says they will be actively looking for and straight-up deactivating scalped tickets. The scalping idea is interesting, but it seems like the potential for a big PR disaster is there. Unless they plan on investigating every suspected scalped ticket, anyway.

Twitter Introduces Expanded Tweets

13 June 2012

Embedded rich content on the web and official Twitter apps. You’ve probably expanded Tweets before to play videos from YouTube or see photos from Instagram. Now, a diverse and growing group of new partners like the The Wall Street Journal, Breaking News, and TIME also deliver rich content inside Tweets containing a link to those […]

Happy Trails, WWDC2012 Edition

11 June 2012

Products and services that are going the way of the dodo in iOS 6, the new Macbook Pro, or likewise, based on today’s WWDC Keynote: Firewire (still available via a Thunderbolt adapter – hat tip to Jesper) Google Maps Gigabit Ethernet Optical discs Am I missing anything? Let me know: @philnelson on Twitter.

Suspicious Developments Manifesto

08 June 2012

Tom Francis: After eight years as a games journalist and two as a part time developer, I have decided what I think of games: I like them. I’ve also figured out some of the reasons I like them, some of the reasons I sometimes don’t, and which of these things I really care about. I’m […] wildcard DNS for everyone

07 June 2012

A new free service from 37 Signals: is: a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS for any IP address. This is ingenious and will probably become the standard for web development. I’m nearly surprised that Coda 2 didn’t ship with something like this built-in. Bring it on, plugin developers!


07 June 2012

Based on the previous link to a Node.js -> Arduino bridge, @JerrySievert pointed me to his own take: An event-driven package for Arduino/Node.js. Listening for events on the board itself is a really cool idea.

Peapod Studios

05 June 2012

My friends at Peapod Studios have released a new version of their website, and it looks as great as you’d expect. If you need design, branding, web development, or otherwise, you can’t do much better than Peapod.

Instapaper for Android

04 June 2012

“Finally.” I use a fairly cheap Android phone, because I don’t want to give ATT or Verizon any of my money, and I hate cell phone contracts. Instapaper was one of the apps I use everyday that was really hampered by the lack of a native client. Looks like that’s fixed, now. The interesting thing […]

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