Month: January 2018

  • City Pop Radio

    Van Paugam has been putting out these awesome mixtapes of 1980s Japanese City Pop, and now there’s a 24/7 streaming channel. It’s hard to argue with that pitch: Travel back in time through the haze of memories that aren’t your own, and melodies frozen in a particular place in history.

  • VHS Distributor Logos

    [An excellent collection for your Tuesday blues.][link] Ray sez: >After seeing them all together, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this could have been the Dribbble popular page about 5-6 years ago. I totally see it, yeah. [link]: “”

  • PBS NewsHour: Do work requirements help lift people out of poverty?

    [Turns out: No, because they’re already working][link]. >Calls to increase work requirements among those receiving government assistance should recognize that most poor adults are already working, looking for work, or are disabled or ill. Increasing work among the poor may require addressing barriers to work including work-limiting disability or illness. [link]: “Do work requirements…

  • The Awl and the Hairpin’s Best Stories, Remembered by Their Writers

    [The Awl and The Hairpin were the Good Blogs][link]. Sad to see them go, excited to see what replaces them. [link]: “The Awl and the Hairpin’s Best Stories, Remembered by Their Writers”