Day: June 13, 2009

  • 24 Hour Transformers Marathon & Me

    I’m going to be covering the rest of the 24 Hour Transformers Marathon on TELETOON on [this Tumblr][tumb] and [this Live-blog][link]. You can join in, if you like. Watch my slow descent into madness. [link]: “24 Hour Transformers Marathon | Liveblog live blogging” [tumb]: “Tumblr”

  • AnandTech Tests New Macbook Pro Battery Life

    [According to their tests][link], the new 15″ MBP lasted almost TWICE as long as the previous model– a total of about 5.5 hours to a charge. That is a *huge* jump, and as far as I can see it is unprecedented. They say: >There’s only a 46% increase in battery capacity, there shouldn’t be a…