Day: August 6, 2009

  • Activision and Double Fine settle Brütal Legend lawsuit

    [Praise Lemmy, our long national nightmare is over.][link] No longer shall we worry about the release date of Brütal Legend being pushed back indefinitely. [link]: “Activision and Double Fine settle Brutal Legend lawsuit”

  • News Corp. Plans To Start Charging For All News Content

    [It’s hard to read this and not imagine][link] News Corps’ chairman, Rupert Murdoch, standing on a beach, impotent, shouting and swinging his tiny fists at the ocean waves. “THIS BEACH BELONGS TO ME,” he’d scream. Money can’t buy you control of the waves, Rupert. At least, not yet, anyway. [link]: “Rupert Murdoch plans charge…

  • ChefStack – The Automatic Pancake Machine

    [I can imagine my mother wanting one of these desperately][link]. [link]: “Pancakes. Delicious and Fresh – ChefStack – Home”