Day: August 16, 2009

  • Google+Growl 3.0

    [Waffle Software brings out a major update][link] to it’s [Google Notifier][notifier] plugin. Jesper lays down some specifics in [this blog post][blog], and has posted [a tech profile here][tech]. The [new page for G+G][link] is just beautiful. [link]: “Google+Growl” [blog]: “waffle → Google+Growl 3.0” [notifier]: “Google Notifier” [tech]: “Google+Growl tech profile”

  • Vote For The Next Sega Genesis Game on Xbox Live Arcade

    [Choose from][link] Earthworm Jim, Golden Axe II, Shining Force, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of RAge, Toejam & Earl or Wonderboy. It is the 20th anniversary of the Genesis’ North American launch. [link]: “Genesis Poll”