Day: February 19, 2010

  • Apple Now Blocking ‘Overtly Sexual’ Apps from App Store

    [First they came for the creepy almost-porn apps, and I said nothing because I wasn’t into creepy almost-porn apps][link]. I’m sure this makes sense to businessmen, but I am really fucking uncomfortable with Apple being in charge of what is considered “overtly sexual.” This is purely “[I know it when I see it][know]” fascism. There…

  • The Layer Tennis 2010 Season Kicks Off

    [The nerdiest of sports begin anew][link], starting with this afternoon’s match of [Kohi Vinh][vinh] .vs. [Nicholas Felton][nick]. [link]: “Coudal Partners’ Layer Tennis Presented by Adobe CS4 | 2010 Exhibition 1 | Introduction” [vinh]: “Khoi Vinh” [nick]: “Feltron”