Day: March 29, 2010

  • Apple’s Guided-Tour Videos of the iPad

    [Get ’em while they’re hot.][link] [link]: “Apple – iPad – Guided Tours”

  • The Bob Chronicles

    >”Save all the money on the manuals and just give me this duck to always be there and tell me what to do.” [Looking back on the 15-year anniversary of Microsoft Bob][link], one of Microsoft’s most famous failures. [link]: “The Bob Chronicles”

  • Snake People by John August

    [A new, free to read, short story by screenwriter John August][link]. This one is posted on [Popcorn Fiction][main], which is: >an ongoing anthology of short fiction by screenwriters, including original work by Scott Frank, Larry Doyle, Jeff Lowell and many others. Derek Haas created the whole endeavor. A noble endeavor. [link]: “Snake People by…