Day: April 11, 2010

  • Tybor, The Extra Future Chat Bot

    Adding to the pile of Extra Future [6-hour projects][hour], I present to you: [Tybor, a Markov chat bot][link]. He is a chat bot based on the Hailo perl package, with a custom retro-styled HTML5/CSS3 interface written by me. He also has a jabber account, which Google Talk/Google Apps users can talk to by adding the…

  • David Simon’s Open Letter to New Orleans

    [Preface for his new series, Treme, which begins tonight on HBO.][link] Treme has some real big shoes to fill in The Wire, and I hope it does so with gusto. [link]: “HBO’s ‘Treme’ creator David Simon explains it all for you | Treme – The HBO Series | News, Blogs and Reviews –”

  • Flash CS5 will export to HTML5 Canvas

    [It’s nice to be able to link to something GOOD that Adobe is doing.][link] With Apple putting the kibosh on their Flash -> iPhone bridge, this is an even bigger deal. Apple does not, yet, control HTML. [link]: “Flash CS5 will export to HTML5 Canvas | 9 to 5 Mac”

  • Is Back Online

    I spent some of last week helping Eliza Gauger get back up and running, [and now it is][link]. Hooray!? [link]: “ECTOPLASMOSIS!”