Day: July 22, 2010

  • Film Titles by Paul Julian

    [Title sequences from a number of classic low-budget Corman-produced films, here][link]. It’s a shame Julian probably got scale (or less) for these. [link]: “YouTube – FILM TITLES”

  • Safari 4 & 5 AutoComplete Vulnerability Exposes Email Addresses, Phone Numbers

    [As described by Jeremiah Grossman, this is pretty nasty.][link] See the [proof-of-concept demo here][demo], and be creeped out. (via [Shawn Medero][shawn]) [link]: “Jeremiah Grossman: I know who your name, where you work, and live (Safari v4 & v5)” [demo]: “Safari Autofill Exploit” [shawn]: “Shawn Medero”