Day: August 17, 2010

  • Elements, a Dropbox powered text editor for iOS

    [An extremely slick-looking text editor][link] a bit lacking in features, but cloud storage using the indispensable Dropbox is a big plus. [link]: “Elements — Dropbox powered text editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from Second Gear”

  • Another Brilliant Adobe Interface

    [This is what comes up when I double-click the Fireworks uninstaller.][link] It’s like these applications were designed by angry, angry, monks. [link]: “Screenshot on Flickr”

  • Vimeo Releases Embeddable HTML5 Video Player

    [Another shot across the bow of Flash][link]. Vimeo embeds will use the HTML5 player automatically in browsers that support the codecs involved. [link]: “Vimeo Releases Embeddable HTML5 Video Player”