Day: January 14, 2011

  • Game Developer Research Institute

    [Doctor Sparkle, the mad genius behind Chrontendo, mentions the GDRI several times in his videos, and it’s an awesome resource for information on… game developers.][link] The bent is toward older companies and projects because those are the ones we generally know the least about. [link]: “Main Page – GDRI :: Games You Know. Developers…

  • An Encoder Is Not A State Machine

    Fellow Michigander [Chris Adamson does a good job of elaborating on the problems Google’s decision to drop H.264 from Chrome in favor of WebM][link] from the perspective of an implementor or creator. The short: It ain’t pretty. via [@soypunk][via] [link]: “An Encoder Is Not A State Machine” [via]: “Soypunk on Twitter”