Day: January 27, 2011

  • L5

    A “[Hard Science Fiction Miniseries for the Web][link]” which [raised $10k on Kickstarter][kick]. I wish them luck. via [Warren Ellis][warren]. [link]: “L5 – Hard Science Fiction Miniseries for the Web” [kick]: “L5 on Kickstarter” [warren]: “Warren Ellis”

  • FluidDB

    [This’ll make it a lot easier to socially tag our window gardens in the favela future:][link] >FluidDB is a platform for the web of things, each represented by an openly writable “social” object. [link]: “Welcome to Fluidinfo”

  • “Writing on the high seas”

    [Author Tobias Buckell’s treatise on book piracy and what it means here in the now][link]: >A certain book that usually sells about 5,000 copies, locked down and protected, seems to sell the same 5,000 copies as a book with a free giveaway and pirated. The difference, according to O’Reilly and many, will be that the…

  • The Pitfalls of Facebook’s “Social Authentication”

    [Dan Wineman shoves a hot poker up the ass][link] of Facebook’s “social authentication”: >Captchas don’t verify identity. “Social authentication” challenges based on public information — especially information that the service itself provides, for free, to anyone who asks — don’t do that either. The problem with “social authentication” is that second word, there. Facebook’s calling…