Day: January 30, 2011

  • Sweatshop, Episode 11×2

    [SWEATSHOP, the live art show which I produce][swt], is back today with a vengeance and thirst for meatblood: [In which E.G. Gauger returns to painting live on a canvas, and I return to cracking wise at our ever-patient and filthy audience.][link] Broadcasting commences at 12pm PST, today, 30th January 2011. [link]: “Sweatshop Announcement” [swt]:…

  • CodeIgniter 2.0.0 Released

    Missed this due to my obsessive monitoring of the situation in Egypt, but this is very good news. [Code Igniter’s evolutionary step has begun.][link] [link]: “CodeIgniter 2.0.0 Released | CodeIgniter – News”