Day: May 24, 2011

  • Ooooh Yeeeeaah. DIG IT!

    [ESPN’s Bill Simmons on the death of a man who, for many of us, typified pro wrestling in the 1980s][link]. Hulk Hogan was always more popular, but Macho *was* wrestling in a way Hogan could never touch. [link]: “Bill Simmons: Macho Man brought together the die-hards, the bandwagon fans and the ’80s – ESPN”

  • FDX Reader

    [A Final Draft file reader for iPad][link] created by Screenwriter [John August][john]. This is one of those iOS apps that makes perfect sense for the platform. It is clever, nuanced, draws on a specific body of professional knowledge, and looks like a million bucks. It even has Dropbox integration. Now it just needs to read…