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  • Conan O’Brien is on Twitter

    [Finally][link]. He started about 3 hours ago, and by my watch he is adding roughly 75 new followers per second. Currently the tally sits at 106,875. [link]: http://twitter.com/conanobrien “Conan O’Brien (ConanOBrien) on Twitter”

  • Lookwell

    [Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel’s 1991 television pilot, starring Adam West.][link] [link]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBQ3HbB0c8Y “YouTube – Lookwell!”

  • Conan O’Brien Says He Won’t Host ‘Tonight Show’ At 12:05

    [It’s good to see that Conan can still write like this][link]. He says, among other things, that moving the Tonight Show to 12:05 will result in what “[He] honestly believe is its destruction. ” [link]: http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/01/12/conan-obrien-says-he-wont-do-tonight-show-following-leno/ “Conan O’Brien Says He Won’t Host ‘Tonight Show’ Following Leno – Media Decoder Blog – NYTimes.com”