Telltale Games Giving Away Episode 1 of Tales of Monkey Island

[“Launch of the Screaming Narwhal” is free for Talk Like A Pirate day][link], from midnight on Sept. 19th.

[link]: “Telltale Games – Play Like A Pirate”


The Secret of Monkey Island: SE released for iPhone

[Didn’t know this was coming][link], seems a bit overpriced at $7.99, and 350mb of space seems, likewise, excessive. I’m also not entirely sure how the pointing mechanics will work, as a lot of the targets in Monkey Island are quite small. This works great for a mouse-based pointing system, but when your pointer is a human finger that Apple says should take up a minimum of a 40×40 pixel square… maybe not so much.

[link]: “The Secret of Monkey Island: SE released for iPhone”


Tales of Monkey Island

*Update*: They’re also [remaking the original Monkey Island][rock], with the help of Lucasarts.

[rock]: “LeChuck Me: Monkey Island Returns”

[Telltale is making new, episodic, Monkey Island games][link] using the same engine as their [Wallace and Gromit][wallace], [Sam & Max][sm], and [Strong Band’s Cool Game For Attractive People][sbcg] series. The question is: How will they stack up without the writing of Tim Schafer?

If you buy stuff from Telltale, [use this link][kick] and I get a small kickback.

[link]: “Telltale Games – Store – Tales of Monkey Island”
[sm]: “Sam and Max”
[sbcg]: “Strong Bad’s Cool Game”
[wallace]: “Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures”
[kick]: “My Telltale Affiliate link”