Day: October 25, 2010

  • Panic State of the Union

    [A progress and “what comes next” report for every active project from what is possibly the most beloved (and accomplished) Mac software house.][link] [link]: “Panic Blog » Panic State of the Union”

  • Pantonemime

    Your Extra Future Word-A-Day Calendar Entry For 25 October 2010. ###Pan•tone•mime [**pan**-tohn-mahym] **noun**, **verb**, -mimed, -mim•ing > Describing a color through the use of physical gestures. (with help from [Peter Flaschner][link]) [link]: “Peter Flaschner”

  • Alex Anderson, Secret Creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Dies

    [Rocky and Bullwinkle is one of the finest television programs ever made, and Alex deserves any credit he can get.][link] [link]:,8599,2027264,00.html “Rocky and Bullwinkle Creator Alex Anderson Dies – TIME”

  • Firesheep

    [A Firefox plugin that makes HTTP session hijacking as easy as a double-click.][link] [link]: “Eric Butler – Software Developer in Seattle WA”