Anil Dash is the new CEO of Fog Creek

And they’re introducing what looks like the Yahoo Pipes of our dreams, Gomix.

Source: I’m at Fog Creek. And we’re introducing Gomix! – Anil Dash



[Yes, please:][link]

>COBE stands for Code of Business Ethics. Cobe is a conversation simulator, originally a database backed port of MegaHAL but a bit more now.”

As you know I’m a bit of a sucker for [chatter bots that learn][bot].

[link]: “pteichman/cobe”
[bot]: “My chat bot, Tybor”


Old Slang: Appreciating Webster’s with Bots

[Peter Organisciak:][link]

>The medium of Twitter bot offers us the ability to shine a spotlight on the entries as individual entities; “hence, conspicuous public notice“. While it is certainly possible to look up all the words, perhaps dig through my Github account to find them, there is a different dynamic of attention with a tweet. Having @OldSlang drop another tweet in your timeline from time to time is not simply a slow-burn form of reading, but a different experience or appreciation.

I’m all over this.

[link]: “peter organisciak » Blog Archive » Old Slang: Appreciating Webster’s with Bots”


Winner of the Infinite Mario AI Contest Posts Source Code

[All of the java components][link] that won [the contest][contest]. Watch the slow-mo video if you want to weep for humanity’s eventual end.

[link]: “Robins Pages! :: projects:marioai”
[contest]: “Mario Competition 2009”