The Magazine

[A new subscription-based digital magazine][link] from Marco Arment of Instapaper. Really looking forward to seeing where this goes. How can you not love a guy who not only understands this:

>Usually, things are done the way they’re done for good reasons. But sometimes, they’re only done that way because nobody has questioned it recently.

… but is also willing to put his money where his philosophy is.

[link]: “The Magazine”


exp. Minus Two: The Legend of Zelda Now Available

[Issue -2 of my friend and games journalist Mathew Kumar’s one-man magazine exp. is available and looks completely great.][link]

[link]: “exp. Magazine: An independent video game ‘zine. » Minus Two: The Legend of Zelda Now Available”


Chrono Trigger is #2 in GameSpite’s “Top Games of All Time” Issue

[A small love-letter to my favorite game][link]. As noted by the publisher, “Greatest” here means “voted as favorites by the denizens of GameSpite’s forums.”

Still, it’s always good to see [Parish][parish] writing about CT.

[link]: “ Compendium of Useless Information : Games – 2-Chrono Trigger browse”
[parish]: “Jeremy Parish”


Weekly World News on Google Books

[The venerable American institution in what looks to be a complete archive][link] on Google Books, going back to [January 6th, 1981][first].

[link]: “Weekly World News – Google Books”
[first]: “Weekly World News from January 6th 1981”


iPhone Anthology Fiction

[Warren Ellis’s][warren] recent postings about [Papernet][papernet] and my always-on interest in Print-On-Demand gave me this idea, which I’m jotting down here in case I never get to do it.

[warren]: “Warren Ellis”
[papernet]: “Warren Ellis: Papernet”

So you’ve got your iPhone, and they sell tons of old books and comics and even new eBooks. Why not magazines? I’m not talking about Better Homes and Gardens, really, but new, modern, magazine-like content.

I think there’s definitely room for, as example, a monthly sci-fi ‘zine posted on the iTunes store or available as a PDF download for the same, reasonable, price or just post the plain text for free. You could commission new work and pull from the Public Domain or Creative Commons licensed works to fill the thing out, perhaps make each issue themed, with some art for each story. I’m talking *Weird Tales* or the like. Short stories to read on the ride home. Sell it for a buck or two.

You could even give the thing away, and just sell art prints or print-on-demand copies or shirts or, every 6 months, a nice perfect-bound edition of the previous 6 issues.

All you’d really need is a cover artist and enough time to lash the thing together each month.

Yes, it seems to me like you could make some very interesting iPhone Anthology Fiction…