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  • disCU̴LTU̴RE

    [ATTN SAN FRANCISCO: If you like weird music and weirder art, get your ass on down to TRUCK at Folsom and 15th street tomorrow night for disCU̴LTU̴RE][link]. Sweatshop will be there. Attendance is mandatory. You have been warned. [link]: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=134333263317942 “disCU̴LTU̴RE with WHITE HORSE & PENTHOUSE / AUG 20”

  • Sweatshop RETURNS

    [Sweatshop, the live art show I produce with E.G. Gauger, returns today at noon PST][link]. Join us for chat, art, videos, and music. We love you. [link]: http://sweatshop.tv:8080/ “Sweatshop – Basically We Love Hats”


    [Sweatshop][swt], the live art show I produce with the artist [E.G. Gauger][gauger], returns this Sunday, February 27th with live art commissions, answer to questions about doing art, and the 1973 classic [HORROR EXPRESS][horror] starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas. We start early (around 12pm PST), run late (midnight?!), and want you to come.…

  • Sweatshop, Episode 11×2

    [SWEATSHOP, the live art show which I produce][swt], is back today with a vengeance and thirst for meatblood: [In which E.G. Gauger returns to painting live on a canvas, and I return to cracking wise at our ever-patient and filthy audience.][link] Broadcasting commences at 12pm PST, today, 30th January 2011. [link]: http://3liza.tumblr.com/post/3015050469/sweatshop-today-at-12pm-pst “Sweatshop Announcement” [swt]:…

  • Sweatshop Movie Night: LADY FRANKENSTEIN

    [Tonight, on the SWEATSHOP, the 1971 italian horror film LADY FRANKENSTEIN. Join us for love, laughter, and my eventual intoxication.][link] [link]: http://3liza.tumblr.com/post/1611637719/tonight-on-sweatshop-our-premiere-movie-night “Aggregating”

  • Sweatshop: Art, Conversation, Madness

    [Sweatshop][link], the live art video show I produce, is next broadcasting on Friday, 12 March at 3pm PST. Mark your calendars using the substance of your choosing. I’m told we will be jamming the new soon-to-be-released [MC Frontalot][front] album, ZERO DAY, which Sweatshop’s host/creator [Eliza Gauger][eliza] did the back cover for. [link]: http://sweatshop.tv “Sweatshop” [eliza]:…

  • SWEATSHOP Is Live This Afternoon

    [Around 2pm PST, 5pm EST.][link] Join us for art, filmstrips, and conversation. You will be glad you did. [link]: http://sweatshop.tv “Sweatshop”


    [Eliza][el] has got [some shirts for sale on CafePress][link]: >In the internet broadcasting system, art-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In the SWEATSHOP, the dedicated artists who perpetuate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the SWEATY VICTIMS UNIT. [link]: http://www.cafepress.com/sweatshopSVU “SWEATSHOP: SWEATY VICTIMS UNIT” [el]: http://toxoplasm.org/gibberings/ “Eliza Gauger’s blog”

  • Buy Food For Artists Directly On Todays #SWEATSHOP

    [Eliza Gauger][link]: >I’ll have a SWEATSHOP account set up on Eat24Hours.com, a website that acts as a portal to every delivery restaurant with an online menu. You, the Sweaty Victims Unit, will be able to order food directly to the studio in order to sustain the artists during our long haul. Bay Area locals are…

  • TONIGHT: Dancing Bear Benefit for Lorraine in #Sweatshop

    [Eliza Gauger][link]: >The nose is all wrong, but this graceful creature is nonetheless my friend Lorraine, who has just suffered a grievous accident in which she fractured her spine. She is a dancer and a model and is now bedridden, totally unable to support herself. Tomorrow I will be running a tipjar marathon in which…