Tag: web apps

  • Super Micro Paint

    Super Micro Paint is a very simple, very fun, web-based version of the simple pixel-based animation and drawing toys I had as a kid. It exports animated GIFs and has one-click upload to imgur, too.

  • Hex Preview

    [Dead simple hex color scheme web app][link]. Just type in your hex codes, and it will update in real time. You can add any number of colors at once to see how they look together, too. [link]: http://hexpreview.com/ “Hex Preview – the command-line-like color app”

  • Stikki.me Needs Co-Founders

    [Joshua Ellis wants a Technical Director and a Design Director][link]: >As you may know, I’ve been developing a new Web application called Stikki.me for the past few months. Stikki is what you might call a “geoblogging” tool; it allows you to leave virtual notes attached to real-world locations, via the magic of GPS, wi-fi triangulation…