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Super Micro Paint

21 May 2015

Super Micro Paint is a very simple, very fun, web-based version of the simple pixel-based animation and drawing toys I had as a kid. It exports animated GIFs and has one-click upload to imgur, too.

Hex Preview

03 April 2015

Dead simple hex color scheme web app. Just type in your hex codes, and it will update in real time. You can add any number of colors at once to see how they look together, too. Needs Co-Founders

01 March 2011

Joshua Ellis wants a Technical Director and a Design Director: As you may know, I’ve been developing a new Web application called for the past few months. Stikki is what you might call a “geoblogging” tool; it allows you to leave virtual notes attached to real-world locations, via the magic of GPS, wi-fi triangulation […]

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My name is Phil Nelson and I make beautiful things for a troubled world. I'm a designer / developer / writer / director / editor / narrator at Occipital.

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