Where To Find Phil Nelson Online, September 2021 Edition

I’ve found things are easier when I post these periodic reminders of where I am doing stuff online these days, and how people can get at me or support me or both. A few changes from our previous edition in April 2021. Bold items are new. You can find a constantly updated version of of this on my About page. As of right now you can find me at the following online haunts:

Ongoing Projects

  • I co-host OpenCV’s Weekly webinar with Satya Mallick, live on Thursdays at 9am Pacific time. We just aired our 22nd episode.
  • RetroStrange Movie Night, a curated public domain movie night which now broadcasts live from the Niles Outdoor Dining Experience in downtown Niles, MI. There’s a Facebook group for event notifications and chit-chat.
  • RetroStrange TV, a 24/7 streaming public domain TV channel that shows old Movie Night movies and shorts curated by me and Noah Maher.
  • LOFI SCIFI on RetroStrange, the 24 hour streaming old time radio science fiction channel
  • Divergent League Baseball, my simulated fantasy baseball league – the new season is starting soon.

On Hiatus

  • My Itch account, where all of my (pay if you can / free) video games are hosted including the recently-released Chipping Challenge plus old experiments like Duck Jumper, Rassler, and Haunted Floating Eye. Game dev has stopped for awhile.

Spring Cleaned got “a new paint of coat,” today and I am using one of the (very easy-reading) default WordPress templates until I get the gumption to create my own again.

I keep wanting to post things here but it feels like the world has changed around this slice of the internet. The silos just keep getting bigger and more closed off. I am going to try to “go back” which of course always works out well for everybody.

Even discussing this makes me feel incredibly old. Maybe the indie web still exists. I guess there is only one way to find out…


Where To Find Phil Nelson Online, December 2020 Edition

I cannot believe it is actually December 2020. The 6th, even. Time flies. Fruit flies. Something something. Here are all of the places I’m actively hanging out and doing stuff online these days in one handy place.

  • My Patreon, where you can support me directly each month and get exclusive content and early access to stuff
  • My newsletter on Substack is where you can subscribe for free (or $5/mo) and support me while getting a little more personal view on things than I post elsewhere, sent out every Thursday.
  • My Twitch where I sometimes stream video games, sometimes in VR, and we do RetroStrange Movie Night on every other Saturday night
  • Discord: I’m philnelson#1094
  • My Thingiverse account, where I post my 3D printable models
  • Extra Future, this place here, my blog since 2008 or so, where I announce and release things
  • My Itch account, where all of my (pay if you can / free) video games are hosted including the recently-released Chipping Challenge plus old experiments like Duck Jumper, Rassler, and Haunted Floating Eye
  • I am @philnelson on Twitter
  • My YouTube where I upload the intros to every Movie Night and some additional content
  • My LinkedIn which I don’t really use, but when I do, I mostly boost cool VR/AR stuff.

Ongoing Projects I Run


7 Years On

I’ve been laid off by Occipital after 7 years and 2 months of 8:30am to 6:30pm days. I didn’t see it coming and it genuinely hurts. I’ve got a little money, but not much. Until the next thing comes around, let’s do some of the stuff we used to:

You can find me streaming RimWorld, Fire Pro, and other stuff on Twitch

I’m still posting too much on Twitter

If you’d like to help me directly, you can join my Patreon for a buck and help me pay my rent / eat food while I work on my indie games, apps, etc.

You can, of course, also hire me to design beautiful, usable, apps, websites, and games for you. Hit me up on LinkedIn or send me an email.


Where To Find Phil Nelson On The Internet, March 2017 Edition

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, eh?

I, Phil Nelson, am a web developer, designer, game tinkerer, professional wrestling aficionado, and son of the once-great state of Michigan.

Lately you can find me standing too close behind you in line at the following places:

* Making/playing games over on
* Making music over on Soundcloud
* Too-frequent dispatches from my day on Twitter
* Checking in on every Metafilter thread
* Wow thats pretty much it. Getting old is hard.


Some days you just get the urge to write your own CMS again…

Someone talk me out of it, please.


Who I Am and Where To Find Me (SITREP October 2013)

Hi there. I’m Phil Nelson. I code up hot-shit HTML5, CSS, and Javascript user interfaces for [Occipital][occ]. We just launched [the Structure Sensor][structure], the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. I built [the website][site]. Real proud of it.

I design cool-looking stuff for fun and sometimes profit, and post it to my [Dribbble account][dribbble]. I really like video games and play them on Steam sometimes under the username [murderthoughts][steam]. Most of the time you can find me on Twitter [@philnelson][twit]. I also lurk on [][adn], and post stuff [on my Tumblr][tumblr] pretty regularly. If you like being alternately delighted beyond belief and crushingly depressed then you’re in the right place.

I also write far too infrequently here at Which you are reading. Right now.

[occipital]: “Occipital, Inc”
[dribbble]: “philnelson on Dribbble”
[steam]: “philnelson on Steam”
[site]: “The Structure Sensor”
[structure]: “The Structure Sensor on Kickstarter”
[twitter]: “philnelson on Twitter”
[adn]: “philnelson on”
[tumblr]: “philnelson on Tumblr”


Expect Me

Regular posting to resume shortly. Go about your business.